1) Install plug-in (FTP upload)


1. Decompress plug-in file. 

2. After connecting to FTP connection program (Al FTP, Filezilla, etc) or web FTP and accessing hosting account, 

upload plug-in folder (folder with plug-in name) in the wp-content / plug-ins directory. 

3. After uploading, [Enable] in the word press admin menu [Plug-in > Installed Plug-in]



2) Plug-in installation (Upload in word press admin page) 


1. In the word press admin menu [Plug-in > Add Plug-in] menu, click on [Upload] to upload the compressed plug-in file. 

2. After completing upload, [Enable] in the word press admin menu [Plug-in > Installed Plug-in]. 

3. In the menu on the left, the 'BBSe-popup pro' menu will be generated. 


Popup list11




3) Applying BBS e-popup plug-in 


※ BBS e-popup > Add Popup can be used to generate popup and the generated popup will be added in the popup list. 


– Add Popup – Basic settings  

Add New Popup 122

    1. Enter popup title.
    2. Enter alias. By inputting alias, it will be applied in short code.
        ※ The generated short code can apply page/post writing, popup. 
    3. Enter popup size. When attaching images, enter size of produced image.
    4. Select background color.  

※ Applying popup in page/posts – After completing page/post, select generated popup to execute the corresponding page/post popup. 


Add New Page133


– Entering popup  

Add New Popup144

  1. Add media – Add popup image.
   2. If there is no image, you can use by entering texts. 

 3. You can use the templates to design the popup.
    – You can select template or design with preview screen.  
    – Click on the Apply button to apply designs. 
    – Changes to desired contents to complete popup design.      

Add New Popup 155

Add New Popup 166

※ CSS of provided template design can clash with CSS applied theme's unique style definition. 


 – Setting whether to use and popup period 

Add New Popup 177

  1. Select whether to use popup. Use/Don't use 

  2. Set popup period. 

  3. Select message in bottom of popup. Applied in message according to selected message. 

  4. Supports Korean/Japanese/Chinese/English/Spanish/German/French. 

  5. Select position and font color of message to set


 – User configuration 


 1. It can be set by categorizing as All Users / Users logged in (member) / Users not logged in (non-member). 


 – Layout configuration

177 188

Add New Popup 6 Add New Popup 7 

1. Thickness, border color, border curves can be applied to added popup image. 

2. Can set popup exclusively for All/Main/Page/Post. 

3. You can select popup layout form of regular (layer) and modal. 

4. You can set shadows for popups


Close button


1.Select the close button image to apply in added popup or select button location.



 – Popup location setting


1. Select popup line location and set margins


– Animation effect setting


1. Animation effects can be applied when popups appear or disappear.

2. This function can only be applied in the pro version.


– Popup list


1. You can manage the added popup list.

2. It has search functions and Preview/Edit/Copy/Trash functions for each popup.


– Supports multiple languages (Korean/Chinese/Japanese/English)

– Language automatically supported according to the word press language setting.